A spa company is looking to pay someone 500 pounds or about $664 just to enjoy a hot long bath. The job of a Hot Tubologist entails an extended period of soaking on a brand new hot tub.

Lay-Z Spa, a UK-based company, is calling people, who absolutely love hot tubs and are looking for jobs this summer, to join the competition it launched on May 23. The job of Hot Tubologist is required to test the company's latest product offerings during the summer.

Tub Review

Like all product reviews, the tubologist gets to bring home the company's new inflatable hot tubs and keep them for a certain period. Family members and friends are also welcome to enjoy the products.

Summer is the perfect time to become a tubologist. Those who are looking for a side job but don't want to leave home, or is having a hard time finding one, will find this competition exciting — getting paid while enjoying the season and sharing the hot tubs with loved ones.

Aside from cash, the product reviewer will be Lay-Z Spa's face the entire summer on its social media channels. The tubologist is required to post his or her review on these channels. At the end of the contract, the company will provide the successful tubologist with his or her own Lay-Z-Spa Miami inflatable hot tub plus other accessories.
The prizes are not the only ones that await the tubologist. He or she also gets to enjoy the benefits of having a hot tub at home, which includes having a good night's sleep.

Face Of The Brand

Lay-Z Spa is brand in the UK which sells inflatable hot tubs that come in different shapes and sizes — big and small, round and square. There are hot tubs that can fit a small patio outside a small apartment and there are ones that can be set up in a spacious garden, which is perfect for pool parties.

To join the competition, interested individuals, who are 18 years old and above and is currently residing in the United Kingdom, should post a video on Lay-Z Spa's Facebook convincing the company why he or she is the perfect fit for the job. Posting on Instagram is also allowed, just tag the company's official handle of @layzspaofficial for them to see the entries.

The company has the right to use the submitted videos on all of its media platforms as well as its website.
It will accept video submissions until midnight of June 10 and will announce the chosen one at 10 a.m. the next day. Any submission beyond the said period will not be included in the pool of entries.

There are so many ways to enjoy the summer while working but being a tubologist could be the hottest job this season.