Are you a social media influencer looking for a gig that will help you build your fan base, get paid while doing it, and party at Ibiza at the same time? It's too good to be true but yes, an all-expense paid trip is up for grabs courtesy of Thomson Scene, a holiday travel brand that specializes in "grown-up party holidays", according to Style UK.

This summer, they are looking for four lucky candidates to travel all across the globe in 10 beautiful destinations and record their travels as they go. This gig will span three months, and during that time, the lucky candidates will be traveling with the company's production crew and will try out the top party beach hubs of the hottest destinations on the planet, Travel and Leisure reports.

This is a summer internship like no other. Aside from the all-expense paid trip, the lucky candidates are also going to be paid $1,880 a month after completing multimedia content. Not everyone can apply for this internship though.

Applicants must first be social media influencers or content creators. They must have a substantial amount of followers on Twitter, Youtube, at least 750 followers on Instagram, more than 18 years old and has a valid U.K. passport. If you're qualified and interested in applying, all you have to do is create a short video about a place you want to travel to and why. The video must be short, on point, and full of flair.

You can also apply with your travel buddy and grab the chance of this really sweet deal together! As long as you're adventurous, friendly, doesn't pass up on exciting opportunities, and loves partying until dawn, then this job is perfect for you.

No final list of destinations have been posted by Thomson Scene yet, but rumors say that places include Mexico, Greece, Balearic Islands, Cancun, Ibiza, and Croatia. Applicants must submit all requirements on or before April 23.