California's tourism marketing agency Visit California has reported that the state has retained its growth for seven consecutive years with 2016 as the peak year with $126 billion. Tourism has benefitted the economy of the country in terms of job creation and economic growth.

"This report shows that tourism is a powerhouse that generates community benefits and economic value for all Californians," according to the agency's CEO Caroline Beteta. With the strong tourism industry, 1.1 million jobs were created and have made the state coffers $10.3 billion richer through tax revenue, according to Travel Pulse. It was noted that traveler visits to California have increased by 3.2 percent from last year.

Total records for a 25-year-period showed that tourists have spent $2.16 trillion and generated more than $165 billion in taxes. As a result, the industry's success the country's travel trade program California Star will be upgraded which means online training modules California Expert can now be accessed by domestic agents. They can benefit from the shareable content, training modules, simplified digital networking and even avail of incentives and rewards.

With the diminishing tourist influx to the U.S. because of strict tourism policies implemented by the Trump administration, California is pushing for more engaging content for international travel agents. Tourism agencies are in exerting their full efforts to promote that the country is welcoming to all.

This is aimed at addressing the possible drop in visitors expected to result from the Trump policies. California has enjoyed growth in 2016 despite the fact the Trump has already occupied the White House In June.

They have released an Everyone Is Welcome video that went viral. LAX that now boasts as one of the international airports with a luxurious facility for traveling diplomats, celebrities, and high-profile individuals was also the venue for the world's largest welcome. Volunteers gathered near LAX on May 6 to create the welcome following the release of the video.

Another city, San Francisco is promoting that it is welcoming as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of "Summer of Love." Various events are being organized in the area to attract tourists.

Pasadena Stars News reported that Visit California is also campaigning Golden Gate as a world-class tourist destination. The source further said that in view of the favorable record of tourism revenue, a total of 203,700 people were employed in the tourism industry alone earning $11 billion that resulted in $2.2 billion tax revenue.