In Budapest, some children aged nine to 14 are already off the playgrounds. They are found in railway stations and inside the trains that transport passengers at 20 kmh from Buda Hills to Széchenyi Hill in Budapest.

BBC reported that children employed in the railway company are serious in their occupation after they undergo a six months training program where they are taught safety procedures and even the operation of the train itself. The government sees the kid's railway as a training ground for children and teenagers not only for survival, employment and discipline but for leadership. Kids trained are seen to become future Communist Party leaders.

"They operate the railroad switches, they make the passenger announcements, they control the signals, they sell the tickets. The only thing they don't do is drive the train," says Balázs Sáringer, their supervisor.

The young kids report punctually at the Gyermekvasútas Otthon. As early as 8:00 a.m., the kids are already lined up for roll call.

Clad in their navy jackets and military caps, they listen for the day's instructions. Their uniforms are regularly inspected including their shoes. Then they move forward towards the flagpole at Hűvösvölgy and sing while the Hungarian flag is being raised up. Then their training begins until the time they finish the six months program and becomes ready for deployment at the kid's railway.

Tourists that happened to experience riding on the kid's railway in Budapest were impressed at how the kids manage the train. Many ride the trains just to witness how kids do their respective works on the company.

Recreation spots have been established along the seven stops of the Children's Railway. Visit Budapest shared that a zip line, a zoo, a restaurant and other shops can be visited after getting off the train. Another fun activity can be done after enjoying the train ride - chairlift. The railway company built during the Word War II has been maintained to become one of Budapest, Hungary's tourist attractions.