While Nintendo Switch is a perfect traveler companion because of its ability to be brought and be played anywhere, its lack of supply in markets is causing customers to speculate of artificial scarcity. New details about the Nintendo Switch has revealed the reason behind why the console is difficult to find in some markets.

The new information has diverted the 'blame' from accusations of creating 'artificial scarcity' to just poor marketing strategies on the part of the company. The only thing that is preventing Nintendo from cashing in on its latest product, the Switch, is the apparent lack of supply. The company who seems to be on the road to a repeat with its success with the NES has once again been plagued by logistical problems.

According to Forbes, the company has been accused of creating artificial scarcity with its products. The claims suggest that they are purposely underproducing hardware in order to create an illusion of a must have product.

However, a new story regarding the Nintendo Switch has revealed that the lack of supply is not a conspiracy on Nintendo's part. On the contrary, it was reported that the company was even turning to air shipping just to meet the huge demands for the console.

The cost of using planes to deliver the units is understandably greater than shipping via land or sea. This is the reason why so many companies avoid shipping by air at all costs. Shelling out hard earned cash to satisfy customers is hardly something a supply-manipulating company would do.

So what is the reason behind the apparent scarcity of the Switch? Looking at Nintendo's track record, the answer becomes clear: bad judgment.

This was highlighted during the release of the Wii, the Wii U, and the NES Classic. While it is something beyond the control of Nintendo, it does highlight its need for a better understanding of the market.

And this is hardly the only problem that the Switch is currently facing. Polygon has highlighted a few and by the looks of it, they need immediate attention if Nintendo plans to compete in the portable gaming console niche.

Hopefully, the whole Nintendo Switch artificial scarcity myth didn't cause anyone to lose faith in the company. Over the years they have released great games and consoles and after this new revelation, it seems they take public relations very seriously.