Taking a selfie has been the preoccupation of social media fanatics who want to document everything about them and upload the photos on their accounts. However without proper precaution, taking selfies can be dangerous.

22-year-old Dean Steele was taking a selfie with his friends near a central barrier on the A24 highway near the Gudow rest area which eventually caused his death, Travel Pulse reported. He was struck by a car around midnight on Sunday according to eye witnesses.

The Audi A6 was driven by a 73-year-old man who cannot avoid the collision as per the police that responded to the accident. Two of the victim's companions were in shock after the incident. Stefan Muhtz said on behalf of the police said that the men are drunk and cannot be questioned about the incident.

The high-speed autobahn highway has no speed limit set by the government, thus, it is popular for car enthusiasts around the world. The men who chose to take their selfie in the middle of a highway have no one to blame but their lack of judgment. According to Fox News, Steele and his friends watched a Celtics game, had some drinks as it was his pal's birthday.

The German autobahn has attracted tourists that travel to Germany to join car races. The high-speed highway has been the frequent venue for any kind of races even motorcycles race on the highway causing many fatal accidents.

Many fatal accidents happen while taking a selfie. A US cheerleader died while when the log she was standing while taking a selfie rolled over. Another student died after falling off a stair while taking a photo of himself. Another teenager died when he fell while taking a selfie at an ice skating rink in a rooftop of the tallest skyscraper in Europe.