Hikers and mountain climbers can have a gadget that they can bring along while traveling. It can accurately measure walking speed. Walking has been proven to benefit the body in many ways. Aside from making it fit, it can make the heart and lungs healthy.

According to Indiana Express, a wireless device that can accurately measure walking speed is now available in the market. It can help monitor and diagnose health problems like the cognitive decline and cardiac disease as proven by researchers. Furthermore, the device was promoted to analyze the wireless signals nearby and their reflections off a person's body. The algorithm used can distinguish walking from other movements; hence, it can only monitor walking.

Health conscious travelers travel not just for pleasure but for health and this device was created primarily for them. Those that monitor their speed on a daily basis can benefit from this while they are on vacation. They can do their walking inside their hotel rooms and the device monitors their speed with precision.

Gait speed, according to Dina Katabi of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, correlates with lung and heart diseases. The speed of walking is an indicator of many conditions related to health and has other extensive determining benefits for measuring sleep patterns, respiratory rates, and other important human behaviors. This was explained by Ipsit Vahia from Harvard University. In the long run, it is hoped to be used on people with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases to track the progress of their diseases.

Digital Trends reported that the speed of walking can be an indicator of health problems. Aside from travelers, the device can be used in the home with grandparents and elderly people for monitoring their health. Noteworthy in this product is that it is not wearable; it can be mounted on walls.