Guy Fieri is teaming up with Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl to open a new restaurant concept called Chicken Guy!

The fast-casual restaurant from the celebrity chef would be opening at Disney Springs in Orlando. The first branch in the happiest place on Earth will serve as the flagship site of what will be a restaurant chain.

The restaurant will be serving chicken tenders in various ways which includes fried, grilled, on a skewer, in salad bowls, or in a sandwich. The restaurant will feature all-natural fresh chicken tenders which will be brined in fresh herbs, buttermilk, fresh lemon juice, pickle brine, and a variety of ways.

Restaurant Menu

One of the most notable thing about the restaurant is its sumptuous sauces which is set to complete the meal. There will be a wide array of sauces available for its customers to slather and dip their tenders in. One of the tasty 22 sauces would probably be the Fieri's signature "donkey sauce."

Aside from the amazing and mouth-watering chicken tenders, the restaurant will also be offering amazing loaded fries with "SMC," or super melty cheese, and Mac Daddy Mac 'n' Cheese. Additionally, there will also be desserts such as Flavortown Frozen Treats in cinnamon apple and double mint soft serve that will be perfect on hot summer days.

Earl said that has gotten to know Guy Fieri with the launch of his burger and sandwich menu at Planet Hollywood. This drove the two magnates to keep in touch and work on more undertakings together.

He added that they have found their perfect project in Chicken Guy!, which will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. Earl has even tasted all the items on their menu and he cannot wait to finally unveil their first location in Disney Springs and eventually across the country. He is confident that their customers will absolutely love everything Fieri put on the menu.

Rise Of Chef-Driven Restaurants

Disney Springs, a dining and shopping area, offers people a taste of the amazing Disney experience without being in the park itself. The establishment has been seeing an increase of chef-driven restaurants such as the fine-dining spots from Rick Bayless and Masaharu Morimoto. Another restaurant from widely acclaimed D.C. chef Josè Andrès will be opening as well. However, Fieri's no-fuss counter service will set him apart from the other eateries.

Staying true to Guy Fieri's vibe, Chicken Guy! will feature a selfie wall equipped with a life-size image of the celebrity and employees who give the customers his signature fist bump upon ordering their food.