Universal Studios is hinting that it might be getting another theme park that would make the Universal Orlando Resort the best week-long destination.

During the Comcast earning call, a Universal executive confirmed that they are looking at opening a new park. Rumors about the new venture of the world-famous film studio began spreading last week after a patent application was submitted for the name "Fantastic Worlds."

Filed Patent For Fantastic World

The name was described as something for entertainment in the area of amusement and theme park services.

During the earnings call, Merrill Lynch, an analyst, asked about the recent filing which indicated the company's plan to have an additional gate, or theme park, in the area in which Comcast CEO Stephen Burke replied that they are looking at it and that they absolutely adore the theme park business.

Furthermore, it is one of its best and most consistent establishments. Burke also added that another gate in the state would have the advantage of turning it from a two or three-day vacation spot, to a week-long destination. The company believes that it would be attractive.

Fantastic World could possibly be a more expansive choice for a theme park name and might include Nintendo-related attractions. Universal has announced its plan to bring Nintendo rides in its parks way back in 2015.

Turning the new park into something that is Nintendo-themed is not unlikely, according to theme park expert Dennis Speigel, President of the Ohio-based International Theme Park Services.

New Things To Look Forward To

Speigel also said that Universal is truly elevating its game. Although it is in the second spot, it is moving strong. With that, there are new ways to create magical moments at Universal Studios both for the kids and kids-at-heart.  

Universal is head to head with Disney in having longer-staying guests. Universal's theme park is also opening the newest addition to its grand hotels, the Aventura Hotel, on Aug. 16. The new establishment would increase the theme park's room count to more than 6,000. The number of rooms has gone up to a staggering 250 percent since 2013.

On the other hand, Disney has more than 30,000 rooms spread across 25 different hotels and resorts in Orlando. For Comcast, its theme parks have played a vital role in its revenue. From January to June this year, the sales have increased by 9 percent compared to the same period in 2017.

In the recent year, Universal has also been buying hundreds of acres of land, which has added to the speculation of an additional theme park.