This year, Universal Studios Orlando would have its Wizarding World of Harry Potter Florida host a Christmas holiday for 2017. Starting on the third week of November and ending the first week of January, guests in the resort parks could enjoy Christmas in Hogwarts without any additional fees.

According to Travel and Leisure, Universal Orlando plans to cover with holiday wreaths the "whimsical boutiques" of the famed Hogsmeade Village in the "Harry Potter" universe. It is located in the real-life resort location in the Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley, the iconic lane of shops leading to the train station headed to Hogwarts.

Universal Orlando intends to use projection-mapping technology to have the locations "undergo magical of-the-season changes" where Hogsmeade's shops, snowbound as they were, would fit right into the season perfectly. Diners could toast to the holiday with a Harry Potter feast: through plenty of Butterbeer, turkey and buttery peas from Hogwarts.

Universal Orlando is not known for using digital projection mapping in its parks unlike its rival, Disney World. Aside from hearty Christmas dinners taken straight from J.K. Rowling's fantasy fiction, the resort would provide live musical shows and performances by employees, focusing more on Christmas most likely.

Aside from the "Harry Potter" universe, other Universal characters are also parading for Christmas during the time. According to USA Today, the parades would include floats from "Despicable Me," "Shrek" and "Madagascar." Macy's, the retail chain, would continue to be the sponsor of the floats of Universal and DreamWorks for the resort.

A little Butterbeer, magical jellybeans, brooms and an amazing projection-mapped show on the side of Hogwarts castle make everything perfect for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as a replica. Add in the jolly season of Christmas, as the characters enjoyed it in the books, now you too can join in the fun once you register to Universal Orlando's Harry Potter holiday.