After months of hard work and sleepless nights, thousands of college students anticipate the much-awaited spring break. And with all the beautiful places all over the world, it can be difficult to choose where you should go. Check out these destinations that are definitely perfect for an ultimate spring break experience.

Puerto Rico. Most spring breakers consider the beaches as their ultimate spring break escape. One of the most beautiful coasts alike Caribbean are found in Puerto Rico. According to Lonely Planet, Puerto Rico is one affordable destination for students, too! After being sun-kissed, vacationists can get to enjoy an array of nightlife experiences through huge beach parties, live music, and dance clubs.

Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is tagged as one of the most famous destinations during spring break for its sunny weather all throughout the year. Travelers can choose from hundreds of beautiful and exciting destinations - from the pristine beaches of Santa Monica perfect for surfing and water activities, thrilling theme parks, or a tour to the world-renowned universal Studios Hollywood for special celebrity and movie sightings.

Nassau, Bahamas. Whether you are an ultimate party animal or a stereotype one who just want some peace and relaxation, Nassau, Bahamas is the perfect fit for you. This is where you can find exclusive day parties, private island party, and an insane nightlife. If you want the other way around, Nassau also offers a breath-taking view of its white sand beaches and clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling and other beach activities.

Cancun, Mexico. Home to amazing lines of beach resorts and unlimited day and night events, Cancun, Mexico is definitely one of the favorite spots of spring breakers. But what makes Cancun exceptional among any other spring break destination is its annual Inception Music Festival where the biggest artists and DJ in the world gather for the ultimate 30- and 30-night spring break party experience. During the past years, performers and DJs in the Inception Music Festival include DJ Snake, Snoop Dogg, Diplo, Big Sean and Avicii, Student City confirms.

Acapulco, Mexico. What makes people go back to Acapulco every spring break is the city's world-class nightclubs and pool parties that are highlighted with huge lights and sound systems and perfect selection of groovy music. There is also this club in the cliffs of Acapulco called the Palladium that gives you an amazing panoramic view of the Acapulco Bay. There are also nightclubs that let guests drink all night for free through VIP passes.