The beautiful country of Scotland is a home to a number of historic sites with architectural significance that date back to the rich heritage and culture of the country. With an array of places to visit and man-made wonders, there is no any other reason why you must not put Scotland on your travel bucket list.  Therefore, we listed some of the many attractions in Scotland that you will surely love to visit.

Eilean Donan Castle

The Eilean Donan Castle is a Scottish icon located at the western Highlands of Scotland. The original façade of the castle was built during the 13th century and has become a stronghold of Clan MacKenzie together with their allies, Clan Macrae. However, throughout the centuries, the Eilean Donan Castle has been rebuilt to at least four versions. At present, the castle is open for public visits. According to Eilean Donan Castle's official website, this attraction also has a computer-based virtual tour for guests who are not capable of taking the huge steps in the castle.

Finnich Glen

Carved from red sandstone, Finnich Glen is where the majestic and surreal 60ft. steep glen known as the Devil's Pulpit is found. Finnich Glen is located near the village of Killearn that is 30 minutes away from Glasgow. Tourists can do several outdoor adventures in the Finnich Glen such as gorge climbing and abseiling.

Cairngorms National Park

The Cairngorms National Park is the largest national park in all of United Kingdom. According to Metro, this also where you can find five among the six highest mountains in the country. This is also where you can find the Scottish wildlife and rivers, waterfalls, native trees, forest paths and lochs. Guests can also enjoy skiing, rock climbing and windsurfing.

The People's Palace Museum

Opened in 1898, the historic People's Palace Museum is a glasshouse and museum that is located in Glasgow Green. This museum tells stories about the Glasgow City and its people between 1750 until the 20th century. The People's Palace Museum is where you can find some of displays, artefacts, photographs and paintings that will give you a picture on how the people of Glasgow survived and spent their lives throughout the years.

Stirling Castle

The Stirling Castle is one of the biggest castles in Scotland. This castle has played a significant role in the life of Mary Queen of Scots because this is where she spent her childhood. The Royal Palace at Sterling Castle is also where her coronation in 1543 took place. The Sterling Castle has some of the greatest historical displays in the country including the Scottish artefacts from the 16th century so make sure to give it a couple of hours for your visit in order for you to see history of this majestic castle.