With the advancement in environmental awareness, it is no wonder why tons of eco-tourism sites have been opening from left to right.

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, a floating Recycled Park made entirely out of plastic is gaining popularity. The plastic waste that was used to produce the structure was astonishingly collected from the same river where it is floating now.

Ecosystem In The Park

The park is located at Tillemakade 99, near the city's floating pavilion. The Recycled park measures 140 square meters and was opened to the public on July 4. It has an area for visitors, and a section which functions as a habitat for micro fauna which includes beetles, fish, flatworms, and snails.

Furthermore, the amazing park can be expanded as additional material is gathered because it was constructed from modular hexagonal sections. The hexagonal platforms interlink with each other and are anchored to the harbor's floor. The park's platforms have various heights and are planted with vegetation to attract animals.

The foundation said that the bottom of the building blocks has a rough finishing to give plants room to grow and the fishes a place to leave their eggs. It added that it is an upgrade to the harbor's ecosystem.

While highlighting the worrying amount of trash that is in the ocean, the park also hopes to show how materials perceived as trash can be used in other creative ways.

Project creator Ramon Knoester said that the prototype shows the ways people can use marine trash. The park is a green structure floating in the river where people can relax and take inspiration from the environment. He added that the combination of natural and artificial elements will make its visitors realize the value of nature.

Cleaning The Harbor

The park is designed as a nature-friendly place and a unique spot to visit. The one-of-a-kind structure also actively cleans the Nieuwe Maas River, as it stops plastics before it makes its way into the sea. In the area, the Recycled Island Foundation has developed three pieces of large traps for the trash which has been tested for a year and a half.

Every piece of trash that is collected in the area is recycled to its best use for the said park. Even the tiles that were put at the seating area were made form PET bottles.

The Recycled Island Foundation depends on sponsors and donations, as it listed on its website. People who are interested to donate are very much appreciated.