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Travel The World Without Harming The Environment: Five Ways Of Practicing Sustainable Tourism

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Mar 15, 2017 06:36 AM EDT

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Every person would want to become a responsible traveler but it's the lack of knowledge that keeps a person from being one. The whole concept of sustainable travel is just about making choices that wouldn't have negative impacts on your destinations. For those who are planning to travel, here are five on how to practice sustainable tourism.

Flights VS Road Trips

Green Global Travel suggested that if you're planning to travel with a group and the destination is reachable by land, going by car is a lot more eco-friendly. But if you're traveling alone, take a plane and try to book non-stop flights if possible. Connecting flights mean more takeoffs and landings that would create a lot of carbon emissions.

Choosing Green Hotels

Green hotels might might cost more than the regular ones but if you really want to practice sustainable tourism, then green hotels are the best options. These hotels are mostly certified by international organizations like the U.S Green Building Council, EarthCheck (Australia), Green Tourism Business Scheme(UK), and Green Globe And Rainforest Alliance (Latin America, Caribbean). These organizations judge hotels based on their own criteria like choice of material, water conservation, and energy efficiency.

Hiking Etiquette

If your travels involve hiking, make sure to follow the trail set by the guides. Sticking to the trail will not only keep you safe, but will also keep the local flora safe from getting stepped on. Avoid feeding wildlife as well as they might get dependent on humans which could disrupt the balance of nature.

Support Local Products

According to Sustainable Couch, buying locally would help a local community to thrive and become sustainable. But make sure that the items that you're buying aren't illegal like ivory, sea turtle shells and endangered species.

Don't Be A Part Of Irresponsible Animal Tourism

Animal tourism isn't bad because it promotes environmental awareness, however, most people practice it irresponsibly. Some examples of irresponsible animal tourism are tiger selfies, elephant riding, dancing dolphins and snake charming.

Sustainable tourism isn't a hard thing to practice. It's those small and simple things people do that could bring about collective success.

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