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Travel Packing Tips: What To Bring On Ski Trips

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Mar 14, 2017 04:05 AM EDT

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There's a lot of fun and excitement in winter sports but all that can fly out of the window if you're not prepared. It's important to take note of the accessories and gears that you need to bring to make your ski trip a memorable experience. Here are some travel tips on what you should bring during ski trips.

Base Layers

Ski trips are going to get colder than what you expected it to be so bringing base layers is advisable. They keep you warm and absorb moisture as you do your activities. According to Travel Fashion Girl, a good option would be base layers that have moisture-wicking fabrics but leggings, yoga pants and spandex shirts would also work.

Ski Pants

Getting a pair of ski pants can serve as protection and as a fashion statement at the same time--but make sure that you don't compromise comfort and protection just to look good. It's also advisable to get pants that have suspenders to keep your pair from getting loose.


It's going to get really cold especially when you're high up on the mountains so getting a mid-layer of clothing is always best. A good idea would be getting a light puffer jacket that's cozy and comfortable. Plus, mid-layer clothes are a lot more convenient to wear if you're inside the lodge.

Ski Jackets

According to Huffington post, ski jackets will be your primary shield against the forces of nature so get one that's water-proof, wind-proof and has good insulation. Having more pockets on your jackets is also a plus so you can store your gears and equipments. 

Goggles and Face Masks

These gears serve as protection to keep your eyes, lips, nose and ears warm from the cold. And of course, you can't really ski if you don't have goggles with you because the snow could get into your eyes.

If you're planning on a ski trip, make sure that you have these things with you. You won't be able to enjoy your trips without them!

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