High above the Caucasus mountains of Georgia is a ski resort like no other, with its fun winter activities and amazing facilities. The Quadrum Ski and Yoga resort offers a comfortable and peaceful place which guests can enjoy all throughout the year.

But what makes this ski resort stand out, aside from it being located on top of a mountain, is its snazzy accommodations that are made from refurbished and repurposed shipping containers. The rooms are available for all types of guests whether it's for families or solo travelers.

There are four rooms being offered: single/double standard, double standard room, family suite and deluxe suite. According to the Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort website, each room has an amazing view of the mountains and its snowy surroundings that also comes with a TV, internet access and free breakfast.

Some rooms even have terraces where you'd be able to witness the stunning scenery of the snow-covered mountains as you drink your hot tea or coffee. The shipping containers are also securely stacked on top of each other giving it a stylish pyramid-like appearance.

The architects behind these beautiful rooms are Irakli Eristavi and Sandro Ramishvili. The minimalist appearance of the hotel seems to base its concept on the local terrain. It's no wonder why the hotel cascades down alongside the mountain.

Metro reported that the resort's goal is also to become environmentally friendly which is the reason why it builds around its natural surroundings. Not only that, the materials used were also eco-friendly and the shipping containers used were old but repurposed. It's a resort which aims to promote tourism and conservation at the same time.

Aside from its unique rooms, there are also other top-notch amenities being offered in the resort--a swimming pool, sauna, yoga classes, ski lifts, and fishing areas.