A Norwegian cruise liner will be debuting in China this winter of 2017. It's going to be one of the largest of its kind--having 20 restaurants, 20 decks, a shopping mall, and a race track.

The $700 million cruise ship took about three years of construction with its home ports located in Tianjin and Shanghai.

Daily Mail reported that the cruise ship is called the Norwegian Joy and was built by the Norwegian Cruise Line. The company claims that its ship is the first one ever to sail the seas with its two-tier race track.
The cruise liner's race track allows ten cars on the tarmac for every race. Even though drivers are only allowed a 40 mph speed limit, it's still a thrilling experience being able to race with a picturesque view of the ocean.

Aside from the race track, the large vessel has also other facilities to offer. According to the Norwegian Cruise Line website, there's also the Galaxy Pavilion that offers guest a chance to enter into a world of virtual reality. The facility has interactive video walls and simulator rides that will make the whole cruise ship experience a lot more exciting.

Guests can also spend time relaxing in its gorgeous park that has a pool, fast Wi-Fi service, and a stunning view of the ocean. Aside from that, there's also a shopping mall inside the ship with duty-free shops and internationally-branded stores.

The ship is 1,070-feet-long and has a passenger capacity of 3,850. Its accommodation offers hundreds of rooms and suites for guests. 

On March 4, the massive cruise ship just left the Meyer Shipyard in Papenburg, Germany attracting dozens of people that wanted to see what the ship was like. It will now go through a series of intensive tests out in the seas before passengers can experience its amazing facilities.