When in Japan, make sure that you turn on your accommodations TV to see some of the most interesting and bizarre entertainment. The Japanese take the challenges and concepts of their games to a whole new level of uniqueness. Here are the things that happen at some of Japan's craziest game shows that will surely entertain you to no end. 

Sokkuri Sweets

According to Funky Lounge, the main objective of this game show is to have the contestants guess an object whether it's candy or not. For example, they must bite into a shoe and there's a chance that it could be candy or the real thing. The game uses the art of sokkuri wherein candies are made to look like real-life objects.

Dero! Dero!

The contestants of this show must solve riddles, puzzles, and answer questions but with a catch. According to Providr, the game puts the pressure on contestants by either putting them in a room that's quickly filling up with water or having them balance on a moving plank.


This game show may appear just like an ordinary dodgeball game but when you get hit, it's where the crazy part happens. The contestants hit by the ball are given punishments by the hosts--one of which called for two women to blow a large bug at opposite ends of the tube.

Gaki No Tsukai

This show started in 1989 and aired its 1,000th episode in 2010. Gaki No Tsukai translates to "this is no task for kids" and the objective of this game is to survive a weekend of funny pranks and jokes without laughing. Laughing will result to punishment!

Let's Go To The End Of The World

This is a game show that contestants would actually like because they get to travel the world. However, they have to survive some bizarre tasks and one task had a contestant trapped in a glass box as a huge bear tries to attack.

These crazy Japanese game shows are really weird yet entertaining at the same time. If given a chance, would you want to take part in them? Share your thoughts below!