Visiting a foreign country isn't just all about the sights and attractions because you'll learn more about a country if you try to make friends with the locals. However, it's easier said than done especially if you're not the sociable type. For starters, choose a friendly place! Here are five cities where you can easily meet new friends. 

New York City, New York

According to Independent, The Big Apple is one of the friendliest cities in the world because of its high level of social activity. New Yorkers love to hang out a lot giving it a high average in terms of eating and drinking with their friends in a year. If you want to meet new friends, go to bars and restaurants and you'll definitely meet some.

Sydney, Australia

People in Sydney love to be a part of a community. They love to socialize and work with other people as they perform tasks. Most of the locals prefer gaining new experiences rather than material things which would mean they're more open to making new friends (or should we say--mates!)

Savannah, Georgia

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned Southern hospitality which is why Savannah makes it to this list. People here are very welcoming when it comes to guests and if you get lucky, you might be in for a treat for a delicious Southern dinner which is what they're known for.

Queenstown, New Zealand

According to Travel & Leisure, this city has a laid-back atmosphere so the locals are very open to meet foreigners. The people here are very tolerant when it comes to visitors that's why there's a lot of people like to movie here. Aside from that, there's so much adventure that you'll find in this city like bungee jumping, skydiving and jet boating.

Gothenburg, Sweden

The locals in Gothenburg love social interactions. They love to party, meet people and are more tolerant during social situations. When this city hosts an event, every local also becomes a host so you're assured that you'll feel welcomed when you're here.

If you're planning a vacation, why not try out these five friendliest cities in the world. Not only do they have excellent attractions and beautiful cultures, they have amazing locals as well.