July 17, 2024 7:48 PM

norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Cruise Line Leaves Elderly US Couple Stranded in Spain

Norwegian Cruise Line leaves elderly US couple stranded in Spain after they miss departure due to a rainstorm delay.


Norwegian Cruise Line Is Finally Hiring Lifeguards

The premier cruise line company is set to employ properly-trained lifeguards starting this summer.


This $700 Million Norwegian Cruise Liner Has A Race Track On It

A Norwegian cruise liner is about to sail the seas having lots of facilities that guests would surely enjoy. But the main attraction that everyone has been waiting for is the ship's race track which is the first of its kind.


Spend The Holidays With These Five Last-Minute Cruises Under $1,000 For A Winter Wonderland Experience

Spend the holidays with these last-minute and budget-friendly cruise bargains.


Why October Is The Best Month to Buy Travel Deals

Having an ultimate but pragmatic approach for rest and recreation is a big tap on the back for travelers who would like to spend vacation outside of their usual mall and bar hang outs. If you are looking for great deals , October is a perfect time to take advantage of off-peak travel deals in Europe and the Caribbean.


Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Deployment Plan for Summer 2014-15

Norwegian Cruise Line is definitely one company that anticipates the future. Today Norwegian has revealed its deployment plan for summer 2014 as well as for 2015.


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