Hotels are always busy with a huge number of clients checking in on a daily basis. Imagine how busier it would be with if it has thousands of rooms? Let's take a trip inside five of the largest hotels in the world.

Izmailovo Hotel, Moscow

If you're traveling to Moscow, why not visit Europe's biggest hotel? Izmailovo is a spectacular hotel with 5000 rooms and 7,500 beds. This 30-storey building was considered the world's largest hotel since 1980 to 1993.

Sands Cotia Central, Macau

This hotel enters the top five list with its 6,000-room capacity. It has 11 bars and restaurant but to make your stay in one of the world's gambling capital worthwhile, you can visit and enjoy its 106,000 square feet gaming area.

First World Hotel, Malaysia

According to Telegraph, this colorfully painted hotel is the world's largest at the moment since its contenders are still in construction. This resort has 2 towers and a total of 7,351 rooms. If you're traveling with your family, this would be a memorable place to stay with its fun ambiance and indoor theme park. You would also surely enjoy the Snow World, Fun Land, and Video Game Park.

Resorts World, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has the biggest collection of large hotels and most entries when it comes to the top ten largest hotels. But its biggest one is said to open in 2019 and this title contender will have an estimate of 6,583 rooms.

Abraj Kudai, Mecca

The biggest one yet that will be completed this year is the Abraj Kudai in Saudi Arabia. According to Dar, this masterpiece is a showcase of Saudi royalty and culture. It is designed with 12 towers with varying heights up to 48 storeys. This 10,000-room hotel is complete with its own shopping mall, conference center, restaurants and food courts. It has a special feature of luxury rooms and a wing for the royal family.

Nowadays, hotels are not only lodging spaces, attractions as well. More hotel companies are creating their masterpieces that the rest of the world can enjoy, and if you can afford it, go and book and have the stay of a lifetime!