Getting the services of airlines, hotels, tour companies, and other businesses is common when you travel. But beware, there are some businesses that always have a few dirty tricks. In this list, employees reveal some of the most shocking secrets that businesses don't want customers to know.

Never ask for ice during a flight

According to, research has it that planes are very prone to bacteria. There are certain surfaces that have a lot of bacteria on them since hundreds of passengers touch them every day. One employee gave ice as an example--the bacteria from touching things like  seats, trays, and carts means that germs can be carried over to your beverage. 

The 'Unsubscribe' button on emails

Have you ever wondered why you still get emails from airlines or hotels even if you already unsubscribed from them? Well, they actually unsubsribe you from that list, however, they subscribe you to another list which according to Can-Spam Act of 2003 doesn't violate any rules. The best thing to do is marking these emails as spam.

The changing of comforters in hotel rooms

According to MarketWatch, some hotels do wash its sheets and pilowcases but not for its comforters and blankets. One former hotel employee said, "We were all discouraged from changing the top comforter unless it was visibly soiled as we only had a handful of spares and they were in very poor condition." These are dirty little secrets indeed. 

Mechanics using YouTube when fixing cars

Taking your car to a mechanic before a long road trip is important but what if you knew they were just using Google to fix your car? One mechanic revealed that most of the repairs he did were all based from YouTube videos and online forums. Make sure you always go to a professional!

Childcare workers keeping your kids' "firsts" a secret

Parents leave their kids at daycare especially when they travel. Most of the time, kids have their first word or first walk at daycare so it's the job of childcare workers to keep their clients happy by not telling their parents.

Now that you know these secrets, you'll be more aware next time whenever you avail these services!