People all over the world are always talking about their countries being the best in the world. Well, you can't really argue with that because you can never take away someone's patriotism. However, US News did a research to come up with an annual ranking and the results revealed that the best country in the world is Switzerland.=

The research was based on nine categories: Power and Quality of Life, Open for Business, Adventure, Citizenship, Heritage, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, and Movers. Each category also had subcategories like gender equality, religious freedom, progressive, environmental care and trustworthy that were all under Citizenship.

Having a high GDP per capita being 11th worldwide, high life expectancy, history of pacifism and stunning views, it's no wonder why Switzerland got the top spot of being the best country in the world. According to The Telegraph, the other ones that made it to the top ten are Canada(2), United Kingdom (3), Germany(4), Japan(5), Sweden(6), United States(7), Australia(8), France(9) and Norway(10).

It's the first time that Switzerland got the title, being able to snatch it from last year's best country, Germany. USA Today reported that Germany dropped to the fourth spot this year after falling short in three major categories: Quality of Life, Citizenship and Open for Business. 

The programs and policies that Switzerland has played a big part in its debut as the top country. It's progressive social systems, business-friendly-atmoshpere and human rights protection have all been phenomenal which gained high ratings in the research.

Switzerland's take on democracy is also a major factor. In fact, this country allows ordinary citizens to propose changes to its constitution. It's also one of the few countries that have female Presidents.

A total of fifty countries coming from different continents were included in the rankings. The last ten countries were Panama(41), Argentina(42), Philippines(43), Peru(44), Egypt(45), Hungary(46), Costa Rica(47), Morocco(48), Croatia(49) and Sri Lanka(50).