Traveling is one of the best things to do in life because you'll get to see places, meet people and experience different cultures. But before you reach your destinations, you'd have to survive long flights first and oftentimes, they can cause so much stress. Travel blogger Toni Jones reveals her secrets on how to stay fresh and survive long flights.

Sleeping Masks

Airline companies would usually offer sleeping masks but most of them aren't really effective. According to the Daily Mail, make sure to get a mask that wraps around your head properly and completely shuts the lights out. The one from Illuminage is a good option and it even aids in reducing signs of aging.

Noise-Cancelling Devices

Most noise canceling devices don't come in cheap but they're really great investments. According to MBG, these devices would really cancel out any unwanted noise around you as you listen to music or watch movies on your handheld devices.

Eye Cream And Eye Drops

Sometimes, you won't really feel that you're dehydrated when you're on board the plane and that's a bad thing. Dehydration is not your eyes' best friend so make sure that you have eye drops to stop them from drying out, and some eye cream to smoothen the lines under your eyelids.

Face Wipes And Face Serum

Planes are not the cleanest places on earth so whenever you get on or off, make sure that you clean your face right away. It will help moisturize your face and at the same time, clean the dirt that sticks to it.

Melatonin Tablets

Long flights and changing time zones can really affect your body clock. If you want to get off the plane looking fresh and well-rested, take some melatonin tablets. It's a regulating hormone that would trick your body to go to sleep. It's always best to consult your doctor first before taking it. 

Make sure that you follow these tips so you'll be able to stay fresh and get off the plane in style anywhere, anytime. There's no better feeling than to reach your destination and be able to enjoy every moment of it.