February 21, 2024 2:31 AM


LOOK: This Floating Park In Rotterdam Was Built Entirely Using Recycled Plastic Waste

People in Rotterdam, Netherlands can now lounge in a floating park made entirely out of recycled materials. Designed to raise awareness, improve the harbor’s ecosystem, and clean the water, the park is truly a wonder to behold.


Why Are There Giant Wooden Trolls In Chicago?

Those who have a thirst for adventures would absolutely love the Troll Hunt at The Morton Arboretum. The wooden creatures were created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo to carry an important environmental message.


The Five Best Places With The Best Quality Of Life On Earth

Where would you stay if you could become a citizen? If you have yet to make a decision, these five places are the best there are when it comes to great quality of life.


‘Irresponsible’ Tourism A Great Contributor To Global Warming: Biofuels, 'Staycations' To Help Reduce Greenhouse Effect

Resorts offering all-inclusive tourist packages are giving back less to their communities than they think. "Caging in" travelers in a single resort area damages the local environment and consumes huge amounts of energy through facility usage, maintenance and even automotive activities.


Turin’s New Mayor Set To Make The City Go ‘Veggie’

The new mayor of the northern Italian city of Turin has planned to promote a culture of eating well while protecting the earth and animal rights by going Veggie.


Five Cleanest Countries In The World This 2016 That Every Traveler Will Admire

Cleanliness is an important factor for many people. Despite global warming, these countries have maintained their cleanliness that leaves tourists impressed.


Shanghai, China Dirtiest Creek Set To Become Future Tourist Destination

The Suzhou creek was covered by pollution and neglect but plans on continuous rehabilitation of the area is being cooked up to save the historic river from destruction.


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