While no residence or country is perfect enough to provide every kind of benefit on Earth, these five places are great when it comes to other essential things like healthcare, employment, traffic conditions and more. Still, one would travel to experience other cultures, but putting up residence in one of these places guarantees a good life.

New Zealand may seem expensive but according to Business Insider, expatriates love the country better so than Australia because of its more comprehensive yet affordable healthcare. Various studies have shown that New Zealand's retirees are the happiest in the country -- a true testament to its healthcare and pensions system.

Germany had recently awarded free education to all public schools for its students. But education is more than what Germany offers for would-be residents -- Germany has a great employment record and also 85% of its population has health insurance through the Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV) that protects against accidents and sicknesses.

In Belgium are the lowest levels of poverty in Europe. According to Brussels Times, the country had surpassed its economic performance in 2008 last 2015 -- a feat that is difficult by today's global economic standards. Belgium also features great education and environmental awareness as evidenced by the decrease of production of municipal waste noted by Brussels Times.

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Czech Republic ranks high when it comes to education, skills, health and other benefits for its citizens. While wages in the Czech Republic are below average than most Europeans, the country makes up for it with fixed work hours with almost no risk of overtime. Education is also on top with 93% of working-age adults having completed their upper secondary education.

Spain has been a classic in most films concerned about life and culture. The country's warm weather also warms the hearts of its citizens -- given their outward friendliness towards foreigners. Spain's amazing food, deep culture, heartfelt artisanship and overall festive mood with better employment and job security rates make it an ideal European neighborhood to live in.