In the last phases of his reign as the President of The United States of America, Barrack Obama has completed his final foreign trip with a heartfelt message to the public. Following his Peru trip, President Obama shared thoughts of optimism, his wishes for the future of travel and international relations.

Following an official trip to Greece in mid-November, President Barrack Obama has concluded his final foreign delegation with international officials in Peru. Being the first US President to visit countries such as Cambodia, Kenya, Laos, and Greece, Obama shared several thoughts he had gathered from what described to be "a million miles of travel".

In a heartfelt interview with Lonely Planet, the US president stated that his international trips and visits have been fundamental in the strengthening of alliances and the joint realization of several goals. Furthermore, the president moved to note that international relations are crucial in the achievement of a better world economy, as well as the prevention of potential world threats.

Obama also proceeded to talk about the importance of regular communication between nations. In the interview, he stated that coordination and diplomacy are the pillars that the world needs to make the world into a more peaceful and a safer place.

With added emphasis on the importance of the world's youth, Obama continued the interview by mentioning the Young Leaders Initiatives in several countries. By stating several concrete examples, the US president has declared that his initiative is to be considered his greatest "life-changing chapter".

With president-elect Donald Trump set to be inaugurated on January 20, 2017, Obama has continued to express hopes for the next presidency and the continued support of foreign relations. A report by CNN states that Obama has continued to grant reassurance of peace and prosperity to shaken world leaders that are unsure of the future under the Trump administration.

This final trip by Obama has been considered to be part of the US reassurance mission in hopes that the change of administration will not sever any international alliances. Obama has maintained that the future under Trump will not be as bad as several, himself included, have predicted.