Sweden is now the most reputable country in 2016, dethroning Canada. Having a good reputation can help influence a country's foreign policy and if people would like to go visit there. To know more what it's like to live in a reputable country, here it from the people who live there.

According to BBC, residents are saying that Sweden is a great country for being welcoming, safe, and beautiful. Dr. Ernest Adams, who lives in Sweden as a senior lecturer at Uppsala University and a part-time consultant, said that the country is one of the most welcoming European countries in Europe to refugees.

And this is something that's not only happening now, as Sweden even helped most of the Jews in Denmark during the war. One caveat on Sweden is that residents would mostly like to keep to themselves, according to resident and author of "An English Mamma in Stockholm" Kat Trigarszky.

As for the second place Canada, its residents continuously defend their country for also being welcoming to Syrian refugees. Native Canadian and a frequent Quora author on life in Canada Jeremy Arnold said that there's concern among Canadians to ensure that "those who have suffered so much" will be able to rebuild their lives properly in Canada.

The third most reputable country is Switzerland and according to former resident Jason Li, the country has a lot of wealth and culture. He said that 20 percent of residents are expats and most of them are working in the hospitality and tourism industry, which is good for the industry as these people are accustomed to dealing with foreigners.

Australia is the fourth most reputable country in the world and residents love the country for the safety, peacefulness, and security that it provides. A resident who lives in Melbourne Ganesh Krishnan said that Australia banned gun a few decades ago, which means "gun violence is minimal." The country's large and extensive public transport system also makes it one of the most livable cities.

The fifth most reputable country is Norway, which is considered as a safe and scenic country. Barbara Schwendtner, a resident from Oslo, Austria and a guide from Your Local Cousin, people from Norway are beautiful, the country values gender equality, and it provides great scenery for everyone. Expats also fit well, as residents don't really treat locals and foreigners differently.

To view the top 20 most reputable countries in the world for 2016, visit the photo slideshow that Forbes has created. For tourists who want to visit Sweden, they might also want to check out the country's latest attraction, its Icehotel