Sweden is one of the countries located in the northern part of Europe. It resides between Finland and Norway in which it shares it land borders with.

As a northern country in Europe, it is expected to have colder temperatures compared to other countries. It reaches temperatures of as low as -53 degrees Celsius, while its hottest is at +38 degrees Celsius.

As a considerably cold country, its tourism has embraced it and made an Ice Hotel. This Ice Hotel was available since 1990 but needed to be rebuilt every year. It was featured on 2003 and a documentary about it was made on 2004.

Considered to be one of Sweden's wonder, people just couldn't get enough of the Ice Hotel. Recently, the Ice Hotel is now open year-round in the Swedish village Jukkasjarvi. The Ice Hotel is called Ice Hotel 365 which features sculpted hallways and sparkling chandeleirs. It has a champagne-themed ice bar where the drinks will forever stay chilled.

It features 20 different suites all designed by around 40 artists from different countries. Staircases and archways are fully made out of sculpted ice, which looks like Elsa's ice castle in the movie Frozen.

Activities such as ice sculpting, dog sledding, a guided tour, and an arctic wildlife safari are all available to visitors. The experience is topped off with Northern lights viewing while on a snowmobile, which can then be paired with a sauna ritual for relaxation.

Weddings can be held at the Ice Hotel as a chapel is available for the ceremony. The rooms are fully functional as fur is laid on top of beds to keep guests warm.

The hotel is located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle just near the Torne River. The entire expanse can accommodate up to 250 people at a time and its main reception is open from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.