Most of us are aware of the movie "Frozen," the Disney film that captivated the hearts of a lot of people in 2013. It gathers worldwide recognition from different award giving bodies worldwide. In that film, Elsa is the snow queen who built a castle made of ice using her superpower.

Did you know that in today's science and technology, the fairytale setting can be seen in the real world? Not made by any Disney princesses, genie or magic wand, but made from the creative minds and hands of real life architectural heroes and artists. Like Elsa's castle, a hotel in Sweden is also made of ice.

The Icehotel 365 opened this month. The out of this world's suites surrounds its guests with frozen art creations, from the freezing staircase to a "floating" bed. What's even more exciting is that the hotel's temperature is negative five degree cold all year round. The world's first frozen hotel is situated in Jukkasjärvi, close to Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland. It is composed of 20 suites, nine deluxe and 11 artistic suites. Preserved at sub-zero temperatures by solar power, it offers their clients full-experience of winter wonderland with Ice bar, art gallery, rooms with heated bathroom, relaxing sauna and warm changing zone.

Several artists, architects and designers come together to brainstorm this one of a kind hotel. More than 40 artists from nine different countries made the hotel's interior designs. The Guardian, featured some of its most beautiful art pieces. Artists Marjolein Vonk and Maurizio Perron designed one of the deluxe suites tagged as Wishful Thinking. British architects Alex Haw and Aditya Bhatt from Atmos Studio in London, also contributed their talent in shaping the Dreamscape room.

If you like to sleep in a fairytale land, a room named as Once Upon a Time will make your dreams come alive. It is done by artists Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison. John Bark and Charli Kasselbäck designed a suited called You Are My Type. Tjåsa Gusfors and Patrick Dallard made the Dancers in the Dark suite that is decorated with statues that seems like dancing. Magnificent carvings, drawings are one of the most attractive pieces in this hotel, some of the wall arts are done by Kestutis Musteikis and Vytautas Musteikis.

Icehotel 365 not just offers a wonderful hotel experience, there are plenty of other things to do inside and outside the vicinity like ice sculpting, skiing, eightseason phototour, 90-minute tour via dog sledding, Northern lights on snowmobile and dinner Aurora sightseeing. You can also see the Torne River where the hotel borrows its material. Alf Kero, one who manages Ice Production, said, "Ice that grows in height is of no interest to us. We want it to grow downwards. That's how we get the crystal-clear ice that has become the signature of ICEHOTEL."