North Korea's "hotel of doom" is rumored to be opening as the hotel celebrates its 30th year next year. Hearsays about Kim Jong-Un, North Korea's leader, and his plans on opening the largest hotel of the world which may be the first after many years ago.

The Ryugyong Hotel or better known as North Korea's "of doom" is a very large hotel shaped like a pyramid. The hotel is said to have 105 floors and 3,000 rooms available. History shows that the hotel was built way back 1987 headed by North Korea's leader during that time, Kim Il-sung, in order to elevate the country's tourism. However, due to the debacle of the country's main benefactor, the Soviet Union, building operations of the Ryugyong Hotel came to a pause.

Couple of descriptions about the hotels disaster and bad infrastructure also arose. According to the European Union Chamber of Commerce the hotel was irreparable and fit to dismantle. By 2011, the hotel was enhanced by adding and putting telecommunication masts and glass planes.

According to report by Daily Mail and Telegraph, Orascom's CEO, Naguib Sawiris was reported to have flown to North Korea for a meeting. A source of a certain website said that the reason for Sawiris' visit was: "to see about working on that again." Orascom was the developer who made a $400 million agreement with North Korea to bring about a mobile telecommunication network for the country last 2008.

The Ryugyong Hotel was said to have amounted to two percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product of about $470 million back in the late 1980s. As these rumors of the opening of the North Korean "hotel of doom" arise, it is said to be quite a grand event as the lights of the largest hotel in the world is turned on.