South Korea is known for their cultural influences. Despite the modernization of the country, its culture has been preserve for over 5,000 years. Visiting such countries entails tourists to be sensitive and aware of the norms and practices of the country.

According to Matador Network and Teach English, there are some things every tourist should know before visiting Korea. These are norms and practices most Koreans do in their daily lives may it be modern norms or practices stemming from their culture. Here are some of the things you should know and tips about Korea.

1. Kimchi- Korea is known for their famous side dish the Kimchi. It is made out of cabbage, anchovy paste and red chili sauce. Koreans love to have Kimchis as their side dish every time they eat and it is frequently seen on Korean movies and dramas too.

 2. Hongdae and Itaewon- These two places in Korea are some of the best places tourists could visit in the country. Hongdae is known for its night life entertainment where tourists who enjoy partying till they drop will appreciate. Itaewon is where English menus are present that will make tourists feel at ease in a foreign country.

3. Soju- Just like Kimchi, Soju is very popular in Korea. It is a vodka-like alcoholic drink that most Koreans drink when they are together and celebrations. They have the practice of usually not pouring their own drink of Soju in a shot glass and let others pour for you.

4. Face- Most Koreans tourists see in the streets may seem unapproachable due to their stern faces and string expressions but don't worry, most of them are approachable and friendly especially the children.

5. Bus- Just like most countries,the front portion of the buses in Korea are usually reserved for the pregnant, handicapped and the old people. Even tourists should give way to them once they ride the bus. They should be given priority.