Every traveler must include a viewing of Aurora Borealis or Northern lights in their bucket list. Aurora Borealis is one of nature's most spectacular phenomena that could be seen in the following regions close to the Arctic. The ideal viewing condition of the so-called 'Northern lights' is crisp, cold, clear and cloudless skies with little light. There were some places that Northern lights could be watched clearly from October to March.


Alaska is situated in the northwest extremity of North America. Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Denali are the places Aurora Borealis be seen. On the other hand, the vast wilderness of Denali is the best place to watch the Northern lights which are far away from the city lights.


Green is the most common Aurora Borealis in Denmark. All islands within its archipelago are the location of Northern lights could be found. Specifically, Faroe Island is the best location to catch for Aurora Borealis, which is in between of the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic.


Alta, the most popular municipality of Finnmark, Northeastern part of Norway, is the best location to catch for Northern lights. Brilliant blue light is the most common Aurora Borealis, which best viewed between October and March. Besides, Alta was called "The Town of Northern Lights".


The British Isles are popularly known for its stormy, foggy and cloudy weather which is ideal to catch the Northern lights. Aberdeen, Isle of Skye, Northern Highlands, Dunnet Head are the best places to watch for the said spectacular phenomenon.


Kiruna, Abisko, Swedish Lapland are the places Northern lights be found. Specifically, the area around Abisko was proven to be an ideal viewing spot due to its unique micro-climate. The dark winter of the said village in Sweden is perfect for sky gazing.

If you are planning to have a peculiar yet satisfying Holiday vacation, try to catch some Aurora Borealis on the places mentioned above. It is best to have sky gazing together with your loved ones.