For travelers who are thinking of visiting Madrid, Spain, should consider going there during the winter season. Winter is the best season to visit Madrid, as the city not only has lower prices and fewer crowds, it also has a lot of activities for tourists to enjoy.

According to Spain Attractions, tourists who visit Madrid will be able to enjoy dealing with only a few crowds, low prices, and the city's culture. The city's day is covered in bright blue skies and takes on a festive look, as several decorations and activities can be seen throughout Madrid.

One even that the tourists wouldn't want to miss when they visit Spain's capital is the 200th anniversary of Teatro Real. The Telegraph said that one of the highlights of the event will be the new production of Benjamin Britten's opera Billy Budd.

It will be staged by Deborah Warner and will be conducted from January 31, February 28. Other events that tourists can enjoy are the vibrant Puerta del Sol's New Year's Eve party or the Three Kings Day parade.

Tourists will just have to be wary of the temperature of the city, as it can drop to a few degrees Celsius above freezing. But that won't be a problem, as they can warm up in several cultural locations of the city, such as the CentroCentro that always has several exhibitions.

Tourists can also enjoy the culture of Madrid by visiting several of the cafes across the city to enjoy a warm drink during a cold day. One such location is the Chocolatería Valor, where the tourists can enjoy a cup of the traditional gloopy chocolate together with churro fritters.

To cap off the day, visitors can complete their tour around the city with a walk through the Retiro Park, where they can also watch performers by the lake. So for those thinking of visiting Madrid, Winter would be the best season to go there.

In other news, Colombian president President Juan Manuel Santos asked Madrid to take down a billboard of Netflix's hit original series "Narcos." Santos said that, though the show is good, Columbia had "lived through the Pablo Escobar tragedy and suffer from the memories."