The United Kingdom is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting more than 36 million in 2015. With its tourist season already over, it's time to take a look at this year's most photographed areas across the country.

Witter Towbars wanted to get hyped up for U.K.'s 2017's tourist season, so they created a list of the most photographed areas across the country. They used Instagram to identify these locations since it is the number one photo sharing app in the U.K. Using the app to share a photo in a tourist spot has been an absolute must in the country.

In terms of a U.K. wide analysis, most of the tourist destinations that have been Instagrammed the most are from England, particularly London. The country's top 10 most photographed destinations are in London with only the Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle not being part of the capital.

Big Ben has been the most photographed destination in the country, as the popular clock tower had more than 2 million posts. Telegraph reports that some of the tourists even blindly wander into the road just to get the perfect shot. Westminster was a far second to Big Ben with only 581,908 posts, while the Buckingham Palace is third with 496,218 posts, followed by Tate Modern with 334,218 posts and the Stonehenge with 310,728 posts.

The Tower of London came in sixth with 269,261 posts, followed by the British Museum at 235,496 posts. Scotland's most Instagrammed destination is Edinburgh Castle, which came in at eighth with 170,329 posts. To complete the top 10 are the National Gallery with 167,577 posts and the Somerset House with 157,413 posts.

Snowdonia, a region in northwest Wales and is concentrated around the mountains and glaciers of the Snowdonia National Park, is the most Instagrammed photo in Wales. The Giant Causeway, which is an area that has about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, is Northern Ireland's most Instagrammed destination.

Even if tourist season is over, it doesn't there's no reason to the U.K. anymore. The country also offers good places to spend the Christmas holidays, just visit Travelers Today to learn more.