Chiara Appendino is the new mayor of the northern Italian city of Turin. Having the population of 870,000, The city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006. Chiara belongs to the anti-establishment party, Five Star Movement (M5S) which was established by Italian comic Beppe Grillo in 2009. The new mayor of Turin has provoked much debate with her decision to make vegan diets a priority in the northern Italian city over the next five years which is the length of a mayoral term.

According to Forbes, M5S's 62-page manifesto which likewise called for better urban planning and the insurance of open land, Turin's new mayor said the endorsement of meat-free and even dairy-free living was fundamental to the protection of the environment, health, and the wellbeing of animals.

The new chairman, introduced her new board's five-year political program on Tuesday, which included arrangements to diminish the amount of animal products eaten in the Piedmont capital. The council says it will conduct training to the city's kids about the issues encompassing nourishment so as to diminish the amount of animal products eaten by future generations.

Reported by Cntraveler, leading medical, nutritional and political experts will help promote a culture of respect in our schools, teaching children how to eat well while protecting the earth and animal rights by going Veggie. In any case, this arrangement has brought a couple of eyebrows up in the city, where most eateries still serve up customary dishes produced using the famous nearby meats and cheeses that have been stable for eras.

While the leader's arrangement could be criticized by some, it creates the impression that Italy's nourishment culture is moving forward. More youthful Italians are more open to attempting new sustenance, and immigrants have carried distinctive foods with them from around the globe. Still, regardless of a few moves in the territory's sustenance scene, many individuals are against the leader's arrangement.