Over 103 million Americans, the highest on record, are expected to have festive season travel, which rates to an average expansion of 1.5% of voyaging individuals as compared to last year as predicted by the American Automobile Association "AAA/IHS 2016 Year-End Holidays Travel Forecast."

According to Autorentalnews, The expansion has come regardless of one less travel day this Christmas season. The year-end occasion travel also called the festive season travel is characterized as Friday, Dec. 23 to Monday, January 2.

The drive to the expansion of festive travel in 2016 is due to extra buyer spending, a consequence of upgrades in the work market and increased wages, as indicated by AAA. Moreover, low gas costs and expanded buyer positive thinking will incite more Americans than any time in recent memory to set out on road trips, take to the skies, or board trains, buses, and cruise ships to celebrate the holidays.

As reported by 11alive, A 1.5% increase as compared to last year is expected to road trip travelers estimated to about 93.6 million. Air travel is expected to rise by 2.5 percent, which is 6 million Americans flying to their holiday destinations. Travel by other modes of transportation, including cruises, trains, and buses, will decrease slightly, to 3.5 million travelers.

Except for New York City, warm-climate areas in Nevada, Florida, and California beat the rundown of the most well-known goals for this Christmas season. Meanwhile Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego, and Anaheim, Calif are hitting as most popular destinations in this season.

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