Cleanliness is one of the things travelers notice once they travel into a foreign land. There are countries that value the cleanliness of the country and there are countries that do not. Cleanliness may be connected with a country's religion and laws. It is quite important to be able to maintain cleanliness in our planet as pollution greatly increases and harms our world.

For tourists, seeing and discovering clean countries is impressive. It shows how the country values its natural resources and environment. It also shows the discipline of the country's citizens. According to The Mesh News and CNN iReport, here are some of the cleanest countries in the world.

1. Iceland-  Iceland is a country with a temperate climate as described in its name. The population in this country is low and it is considered one of the richest countries in the world. Having an EPI score of 93.5, Iceland is quite focused on maintaining the country's environment and cleanliness.

2. Sweden- Sweden is a harmonious and a well refined country with a few population. It also focuses on maintaining green and environmental cleanliness. With an EPI score of 89.1, it is considered to be one of the cleanest countries in the world.

3. Switzerland- Switzerland is famous among tourists. Because of its wonderful natural riches, people love to visit Switzerland. With mountains, lakes, great wildlife and other natural wonders, despite being a developed country, it still maintains its cleanliness. The EPI score of Switzerland is 89.1.

4. Norway- Norway is indeed a rich country from its natural resources to its economic standing. The country is known to have great petroleum and gas supply. However, despite this, the country is known to be peaceful and clean.

5. Germany- With an EPI score of 80.47, Germany makes it to the cleanest countries list. Just like Norway, Germany is also blessed with great natural resources and it is also a well-developed country. Even though Germany is known for its nuclear power, the health of the country's citizens is good and the country maintained its cleanliness.