Starting your Christmas wishlist for the holiday season? Then, why not consider buying a smartphone. But, with hundreds of models to choose from, which is the best and worth the every buck.

Since smartphones have consumed a big part people's lives now, here are the top five smartphones in 2016, according to CNET and The Verge. Factors that make up this list includes the build quality, camera, reliability, apps, and support.

Topping the list is the iPhone 7 Plus, which is probably the best-looking cell phone around. Some say its sheer size makes it precarious to hold, however, there's no denying Apple's delightful 5.5-incher is a winner. Apple has stayed with the iPhone 6S configuration, enhancing it with rerouted receiving wire lines and a more coordinated camera bump. There are eminent new hues accessible, and to finish it off, the packaging is presently water safe.

The Apple and Google battle has always been a tough fight. However, the clash between the Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus for the title of "best cell phone" has been very close to both smartphones being lovely. Yet, the smooth outline, natural UI, and driving biological system put the iPhone 7 just in front. The Google Pixel XL is still an astounding cell phone, which comes in second in our list particularly in the event that reveres substantial screens and virtual aides.

Whether it's the fantastic camera, the metal-and-glass covering, the gobs of power involved or simply the way that the product and virtual colleague work in impeccable amicability with the equipment, Google has a considerable measure appropriate and this is a splendid mobile. Obviously, in the event that huge screens is not a part the checklist, the 5.0-inch Pixel is likewise accessible, which is identical to the XL.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is our third top choice. It gloats the splendid double bent displays with the screen bending around on both sides, so it would appear that no other mobile phone ever constructed. This cutting edge cell phone is a looker, and it'll have companions asking for an opportunity to play with it. Joined with industry driving force, an astonishing showcase, nice battery life, a superb camera and stunning performance make it one of the most attractive cell phone, as well as one of the top three cell phones.

Both OnePlus 3T and Apple iPhone SE are on the list, last but definitely not the least. Both cellular phones are lower in price, but both have powerful specs that are absolutely worth every buck. What do you think is the perfect phone for your loved one?