The holidays are when most people decide to schedule their vacations because it is one of the few times of the year where they'll have some vacancies in their busy work schedules. Planning a holiday trip with your loved ones seems simple enough on paper, but some travellers can't help but ask if it really is as simple as people make it out to be? Here are five-holiday travel FAQS that are worth reading up on.

When is the best time to purchase an airline ticket during the Christmas season? Don't be surprised if you find yourself having a hard time trying to get some cheap airline tickets during the holiday season. The demand for commercial airline tickets will be pretty high around this time of year, and will usually reach its peak on Christmas and New Year's Day. Travellers who wish to save some money on tickets and secure convenient flights on their airline of choice should book as early as possible. Holidaymakers can use Google Flights to check for the best available airfares.

How can we avoid holiday stress? This might sound a bit crazy, but holidaymakers have a better chance of avoiding stress by booking nonstop flights. The reason for this is because travellers increase their chances of a cancellation or delay with a one-way flight, even if it means they can save some money off of it. Another way to bust stress during the holidays is to consider booking a hotel whenever you go out to visit some family in a different city or state. Most mid-range hotels located close to airports usually offer pretty affordable rates during the holidays.

Is it a good idea to redeem points or miles for trips during the holidays? The holiday season is usually the time when flights experience has heavy restrictions, so using frequent flyer points during this time is nearly impossible. However, hotel demands also go down during the holidays, which provides travellers with an opportunity to use their reward points.

Are there any "secret" ways of obtaining great deals during holiday travels? Early December and early January are known as the "dead weeks" for travelling. People don't travel as often during the dead weeks, which means you can save as much as 70 percent on hotels and airfares. Some airlines and hotels may also advertise last minute sales during the dead weeks, so be sure to check their social media updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Should I worry about baggage fees? Those who plan on travelling during the holidays should avoid checking their bags because the chances of it getting lost will be pretty high. Learning how to travel with only carry-on baggage can be very helpful, but those who have too many items for a carry-on are advised to ship them to their destination in advance.