Christmas is known as the season of giving, and the folks over at JetBlue are in a giving mood as they provide holiday travelers with their best gift yet. The airline will be offering discounted flight deals for 12 days until December 16 as part of their "December to Adventure" holiday promo to help travelers escape the chilly Christmas weather.

The specials are revealed daily on the JetBlue's promotional website at 1 PM EST and are valid until 11:59 PM EST. The offers are "hidden" in snow globes and all you have to do to reveal the special offer for the day by clicking on the snow globe. On day 1, the offer was $20 one-way fares to select destinations, while day 2 featured one-way flights going to Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Mexico starting at $30.

Day 3 brought us one-way flight deals to California, Las Vegas, and Florida starting at $30. Travelers were also given the opportunity to get 25 percent off on airfare on any of the three aforementioned destinations by booking a JetBlue Vacations package. As of this writing, the promo is now in its fourth day and the special promo for day 4 features flights to beautiful Cuba starting at $54.

However, Refinery 29 reports the website experienced some problems on day 4 and was down at 1 PM EST, right when the day 4 deals should have been announced. To make up for this tiny blunder, JetBlue now has two offers that are valid until 11:59 PM EST which includes flights going to Las Vegas, California, and Florida starting at $20.

The deals only apply to select US cities starting from today until the end of February next year. There's still 8 more days to go, so be sure to check JetBlue's website every day to get more surprising deals so you can enjoy a special getaway this Christmas season!