JetBlue Airways has announced an incredible 48-hour flash sale that features ticket rates as low as $70 for round trip flights across the United States. Flights are set for travel dates from December 1, 2016 - March 9, 2017.

Domestic flights from all fifty states are offered at prices ranged between $39 and $239, depending on route. According to the JetBlue website, the flight rates come inclusive of government taxes and fees. Rates, however, are not inclusive of check-in baggage.

The most notable round trip flight boasts roundtrip flights between Long Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada for as low as $68 round trip. Round trip tickets for other routes including major states such as New York, Puerto Rico, and Washington can also be found at prices below $100.

The website has also moved to note that travel dates will only cover Monday-Thursday and Saturday flights. They have moved to note that the dates December 16, January 4, January 16 and February 18-20 are considered blackout dates, thus leaving them unavailable for booking.

The two day sale is set to end by 11:59 on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. Tickets booked during this period will be offered at astoundingly low rates. The airline has moved to note that all discounted flights are subject to seat availability.

As stated by USA Today, airlines have long had an issue with filling flights during the off-seasons found in between holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. As such, flash sales similar to the two-day sale announced by JetBlue have become increasingly popular.

The Dallas-based airline has been known to have similar rush sales during different off-season periods during the year. In June 2015, the airline was forced to extend its 72-hour sale after heavy traffic coming from budget-seekers crashed the airline's website.

A complete list of the airline's routes and their corresponding discounted prices can be found on the JetBlue website. Further information, booking details, and schedules may also be found there.