An architecture and design company in London has proposed an unusual solution for some of the world's most polluted cities. 

As pollution in China hit a record high this week, London company Orproject is working on a park enclosed in a giant bubble to Beijing.  The botanical garden will be contained under a bubble-dome structure, which could also be made to incorporate shops, houses and office buildings. 

Titled 'Bubbles', the project would ensure the bubble was temperature and humidity controlled within the bubble, which will be filled with clean air.  Electricity would be provided by solar panels in the roof of the structure.

The bubbles which cover the ground would be made from a type of polymer which is a stretchy type of plastic.  The polymer will be resistant to heat, can save on energy costs and the roof will be created by a computer algorithm which can generate and grow patterns; based on those seen on leaves and butterfly wings. 

The company is also looking for a project that could cover as much as 500,000sq m.

The company hopes that every city in the world will need one and stress it will not stop or curb pollution, only help those living in the shadow of it while they look for solutions. 

The bubble will be airtight, but there is no word yet as to how people will be able to leave and enter the confines of the bubble.