Travelers going to Italy will not only be treated to sumptuous local food and breathtaking architecture, they also have a chance to explore its vibrant nightlife.

Whether they want to indulge in a night of dancing, night market shopping, or jazz concerts, Italy has something for them. Italians love socializing, so every place is constructed to encourage people to gather.

Join A Roman Food Tour

For travelers who thought they already tasted the best dishes that Italy has to offer, think again. For around $60, they will be privately guided by a local through an amazing Roman cuisine. This tasty travel experience involves 10 tastings, a local insider, and countless moments of enjoyment.

This trip can also be adjusted to any diet so vegans and vegetarians will take delight in this tour as well. In order to be a part of the best dinner experience, check out With Locals.

Circolo Degli Illuminati

Party goers would absolutely have the best time of their lives in Circolo degli Illuminati, which has become one of the most popular clubs in the country.

With three amazing clubrooms and a large garden, the club gives its guests a wide array of musical genres. The main dancefloor plays house music, the second room plays hip hop, and the last room is perfect for people who just want to sip their cocktails while relaxing with chill music.

The Sanctuary Eco Retreat

Situated between Parco del Colle Oppio and Parco di Traiano, the 1,000-square meter Sanctuary is Voodoo Bar's winter bar. The sprawling area has a spa, different restaurants, an impressive wellness area, and a spot meant for performances such as concerts and shows. Guests who want to dance can also get their groove as a resident DJ plays jams.

Rome Tram Tracks

Rome Tram Tracks is one of the most unique experiences in Italy. It will make guests want to dance in the shadow of the world-famous Colosseum. While on board a vintage tram, its spectators will be treated to live music and lots of wine. Domenico and his band amuse their guests with songs from Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, and famous Italian artists.

The ride runs for an hour and 45 minutes and is one of the best ways to get to know the city of Rome. The show usually runs twice a month.


Those who want a posh take in Italy's nightlife would absolutely love Fluid. Its stylish vibe coupled with the hip music never fails to entertain its customers. The place gets busy during happy hour from 7:00 9:00 p.m. When visiting, do not fail to try one of the most notable offers of this place — amazing cocktails made from exotic fruits.