"Parts Unknown' has been showcasing various unknown parts of the world with the veteran host Anthony Bourdain. Season 9 premieres April 30 and the host is set to discover the other side of the famous Los Angeles. Unknown to many, LA has a secret why it remains a to-go place when it comes to traveling.

Travel & Leisure reported that the people that make it vibrant are the migrants - Latinos, Chicanos, and Mexicanos. In the lesser known part of LA, the food service industry relies on these people. Season 9 will be focused on them.

For Mexican flavors, Bourdain visited actor Danny Trejo's establishment - Trejo's Cantina. It offers healthy options on tacos and burritos for the health-conscious. The 60-year-old host stopped by Broken Spanish, a high-end Mexican restaurant run by Chef Ray Garcia. Guests can choose rabbit, chochoyotes and chicharron along with tamales and tortillas.

There is a Latino-inspired restaurant called Guerilla Tacos. What is notable with this establishment is that they change menus every week and offer foods in season. Another restaurant called Guelaguetza that originated from Oaxaca, a state in Mexico has been established in LA. Their micheladas, mole, and mescal come all the way from Mexico.

For those who want to experience dining in a huge marketplace, the Grand Central Market has stalls from Mexico and El Salvador and bars like La Descarga that offers some Havana spice for the nightlifers.

Eater reported that nothing was skipped in the other side of LA. Bourdain was filmed riding a muscle car at night time in the almost deserted streets. Aside from the food, the chef-host also showcases the people he meets along the way.

The "Parts Unknown" premiere episode also features Anthony Bourdain talking with various immigrants and how they were able to shape one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Most of the time, he is on the listening rather than on the talking side. Tune into CNN Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. to see the full story of Bourdain's trip through L.A.