When the sun sets, various peddlers and stall owners come in and fix their wares for locals and tourists to choose. Night markets around the world offer travelers more than just food, clothing and accessories. Overall, they provide an insight of the culture of the city through various products and even live performances at times. Here are five of the world's beautiful night markets.

Bite Club, Berlin. Many people call Bite Club as the "unofficial" nightlife capital of the world. People all over the world gather on the river Spree to buy drinks and goods to eat while occasionally singing a song or two. Bite Club cater street food, vegan donuts, gourmet meals and even large food trucks for all people to enjoy chow down. Moreover, they showcase art exhibitions and film festivals in the country.

Ratchada Night Bazaar, Bangkok. On Saturday, stalls pop up by the Ratchadapisek MTR where locals and travelers can take a look at different items for sale. You can find various second-hand accessories like handbags, shoes, shirts, and hats. What's more, you can find vintage items here like car parts, cameras, and even Thai posters.

Marrakech Night Market, Morocco. Perhaps it's the most exotic night market there is around the globe. Marrakech is filled with various produce, including spices like cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon among many others. The scent of the air comes from the combination of the spices, incense, and flowers for sale within the area. There are ready-to-eat food for people to chow down by the community tables provided. Around the market, there are various performers like snake enchanters, artists, musicians, and orators reciting their pieces. Viva Lifestyle and Travel writes that the "marketplace is a spectacle in itself."

Luang Prabang Night Market, Laos. Artisans of the country line up and showcase their crafted bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for both men and women. There are over 300 vendors that sit, reaching half-a-mile long. You can find various ethnic works and embroideries by the indigenous people of Laos. There's also a couple of food stall nearby the Mekong River if you want to eat the best local dishes.

Audrix Night Market, France. The market opens from June and up to September for their annual farmer's market celebration. Set near the Stone House at La Borie des Combes, visitors are surrounded by age-old stone walls, historic stone houses, and medieval churches while shopping for the freshest produce. Healthy meals are served in the area as people get to listen to local musicians performing every Saturday night. Travel and Leisure pointed out that walnuts or wine are the best products to grab at Audrix Night Market.