Emerald Waterways is set to launch a new and innovative vessel next year named Emerald Harmony, which will take its passengers through Mekong River.

The ship will be equipped with tons of European "star ships" features, which include Panorama Balcony suites with luxurious drop-down windows. To match with the itinerary's vibe, there will also be Asian touches on its design. The Horizon Bar and Lounge will be Asian-themed and the Reflections Restaurant, the ship's dining spot, will be serving a locally inspired menu.

Another highlight of the amazing ship is that it will be able to access the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, so its guests can embark there instead of docking outside the bustling city.

About The Cruise

The cruise company has been sailing on the Mekong River for four years, with its chartered vessel named the Mekong Navigator. With its superb Emerald Harmony, this will be the first time that company has built a "star ship" style outside Europe.

The company will also be chartering vessels for the Nile and Russia and will unveil a small yacht named the Adriatic Princess II in Croatia next year.

UK Head of Trade Sales Dawn Quinn, said that the company is looking forward to building relationships with its trade partners to promote its latest vessel, which will bring the European brand's astounding offers to the Mekong.

Cruise Routes

Starting August 2019, the new cruise ship will be embarking on three routes in Vietnam and Cambodia. One of it is a dazzling 13-night cruise tour, which will sail between the historic cities of Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh, with time in Angkor Wat.

It will also be going on a 17-night tour with stops in Halong Bay and Hanoi in the north. The last route will be a grandiose 21-night tour which will encompass all the stops of the shorter tours, plus Hoi An and Hue.

The fare for the new cruise ship will have the same inclusions with the other vessels of Emerald Waterway such as meals, unlimited beer and wine with the lunch and dinner, port charges, bottled water in the cabins, Wi-Fi on board, a trip on the shore in every port, and all onboard excursion privileges. Furthermore, the cruise part of the tour would also include the hotel, internal flights, and transfers.

People who will book a cruise ticket in the Emerald Harmony by Aug. 31 this year will have a limited inaugural free round-trip ticket to Asia and an additional $100 onboard credit per person, or a staggering $3,000 off on the sailing price per couple.

Guests who will book after Aug.31 to Oct. 31 can choose between the free airfare or $3,000 off per couple. For people who will pay full on those dates, they can save $600 per couple.