Divers off Ulleungdo, a South Korean Island, discovered what is believed to be a Russian warship, which is said to contain 5,500 boxes of gold coins and bars.

Called Dmitrii Donskoi, the treasures in the fabled warship is believed to be worth a staggering $133 billion. Shinil Group, a Seoul-based maritime salvage company, has been searching the location of the wreckage for a long time and gathered experts from China, Britain, Canada, and South Korea for their efforts this year.

Proof Of The Found Shipwreck

A video footage which was released by the company shows many images of extensive damage to the 5,800-tonne ship. Featured in the footage are deck guns, cannons, anchor, and ship wheel which have been engulfed with marine growth.

The company's website stated that the body of the incredible ship was damaged by shelling, and its stern is almost broken. However, the deck and sides are still wondrously preserved.

The divers positively identified the ship when one of its floodlights shone upon the name written in Cyrillic characters on the stern.

In an interview with Reuters, company spokesman Park Sung-jin said that they believe that the gold boxes are historically proven. He also added that it was firmly lashed, which indicates the precious gold inside.

About The Ship

The ship was built in August 1883 in St. Petersburg. It was meant to serve as a commerce raider and was fitted with a full set of sails and a coal-fired engine. Most of the operational career of the ship was spent in the Far East and the Mediterranean Sea.

Then, it sailed from the Baltic to join Imperial Russia's Second Pacific Troops following the demolishment of the Japanese ships to most of Russia's naval power during the start of the Russo-Japanese War combats.

However, when it was met by Japanese ships in 1905 during the Battle of Tsushima, it was destroyed. Although the ship escaped the attack, it was intercepted as its captain went for the Vladivostok Russian port.

Around 60 of the 591 crew were killed, and 120 were injured before its captain anchored off in Ulleungdo and tasked his men to go seek shelter from the shore.

According to reports, the ship was carrying the funds that would be used to pay for fuel, port fees, and crew of the Russian fleet.

The announcement of the maritime salvage company was opposed by the government-run Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, which told the media that the famous shipwreck was discovered in 2003.