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Glory Moralidad

Sega Music

Sega: Mauritius Signature Groove Growing Amidst Luxury Destinations

Sega is Mauritius' dance which tails itself 500 years ago by African slaves. Escapees took relief to dancing and music to express much of their sadness or joy.


Singapore Emotion Travel Guide

Singapore Tailors Travel Guide Based On Emotions With Headsets

Scientists have created a device to record a person's emotional response in each experience so that future travelers can tailor their travel plans according to their emotions.


Sazan “Military” Island

Albania's Military Island Will Reopen For Tourists This Summer

The Sazan "Military" Island has been in use during the early 1900s to stave military invasions. The Defense Department has signed an agreement to let operators conduct tours in May to October.


The Fearless Girl

'Charging Bull' Is Mad At 'Fearless Girl' Statue For Violating Rights

"Charging Bull" creator Arturo Di Modica said that the "Fearless Girl" has violated his intellectual property rights by changing the message of his artwork.


Painted easter eggs

Best Places To Celebrate Easter 2017, According to WalletHub

Some celebrate Easter way harder than others, and that's why WalletHub have compared 100 cities where locals and travelers would like to chime in and celebrate the occasion in these places.


The Evolved Traveler

The Evolved Traveler Launches New Carbon Offset Program And Earth Day Trip Sweepstakes In Partnership With Carbonfund.Org

The Evolved Traveler in partnership with launches an ecotourism sweepstake for two people to experience and know what carbon footprint offset.


Kulula -- Flying 101, South Africa

Five Of The World's Best Aircraft Liveries

Airplanes usually have its cold, gray steel exteriors for people to gaze on. But not these five airlines that have Tintin, Elsa, or Where's Waldo on their livery!


Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Brain-Infecting Worms Are Becoming Frequent In Hawaii

Rat lungworm diseases have become more frequent in the state of Hawaii. Officials were alarmed at the growing number of cases of these brain-infecting worms.


Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves Opens New Home 'SunTrust Park' With Brewed Beer Made From Baseball Bats

When they open their new home and play their first game, the Atlanta Braves will be offering the SunTrust Park’s Chopsecutioner beer, brewed from baseball bats.


United Airlines Passenger Violently Removed From Flight

United Airlines Fiasco: Aftermath Of Dragged Man, CEO Sorry But Defends Staff's Action

David Dao was bloodied and unconscious when dragged by United Airlines crews on Sunday's flight. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz though sorry, defends the actions of the crew.


Big Hero 6

Disney Files Patents For Robot Project To Interact With Humans

Disney plans to create a robot with soft body parts so in order to safely interact with humans especially the children.


New Rules For Identification Documents At US Borders Goes Into Effect

Brits Traveling To U.S. Will Be Asked For Social Media Usernames, Passwords, Phone Contacts

Tourists visiting the U.S. might be searched for their phones and passwords upon entering the country. Those who wouldn't comply with the policy will be declined entry to the U.S.


Kweichow Moutai

You Can Find The World's Most Valuable Liquor Company In China

Johnnie Walker has been toppled down by a Chinese drink, named Kweichow Moutai, as the world's most-valuable liquor maker.


Gay Pride

Tanzania Is After LGBT People And Cuts HIV Care

Being gay in the country proved to be a crime in the eyes of official leaders. Anyone who does sexual intercourse with a person of the same gender will be imprisoned for life.


Sketch Restaurant London

Visit These Five Destination Toilets For Yourself

We use the bathroom for dumping, but they are now becoming quite a tourist attraction themselves.


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