June 24, 2024 4:00 PM

Glory Moralidad

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    Swale Floating Food Forest Is Back With A New Twist

    The Swale Floating Food Forest is back in New York City to provide free healthy food for the public, letting everyone to come aboard and pick herbs and vegetables like oregano, kale, asparagus and lemon basil. But this time, the company has partnered with cider company Strongbow to recreate and expanded the dock with eight more apple trees and 400 perennial edible plants.

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    Locals In Japan’s 'Snow Country' Treats Niigata Prefecture As Food Refrigerator

    Locals in Japan's "Snow Country" see Niigata Prefecture as their natural food refrigerator. The snow in the region gives their vegetables a sweeter flavor while extending their shelf life.

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    Five Wonderful Dances Around The World

    Dance is an art form where people can express their joys, sorrows, and anger. Also, it's a cultural communication among locals and perhaps to their gods who bestowed so many gifts for them. No matter how the movements came to be, it's clear that no one can resist dancing to the rhythms of any countries in the world.

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    You Can Sleep With Sloths At This Animal Rescue Center In Oregon

    Sloths have taken the internet by storm, and one of animal rescue center in Oregon decided to let visitors spend the night with the well-loved creatures. Sloth Sleepovers at the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center allow people to sleep with the animals after dinnertime for $600.

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    Father And Son Want To Bring Back Pleistocene Era In Siberia

    What was life like during the Ice Age? People have been taught about the Pleistocene era in schools and museums, but one father and son duo would want to recreate that period back in Siberia. Coming from a family of Russian scientists, Sergey and Nikita Zimov would build the mammoth steppe ecosystem around 10,000 years ago to be called as Pleistocene Park.

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    A Look Inside Five Rage Rooms Around The World

    Are you angry? Do you feel bottled up like the world is against you? You're not alone. That's why people started putting up rage rooms for others to vent out their frustrations. No worries! You can tag family and friends along to support you through the ordeal. Rage rooms are equipped with safety features as precautions for you to avoid harm when you're...ahem...expressing yourself.

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    Gouyave Fish Friday: Not Your Ordinary Local TGIF Evening Celebration

    A small fishing village in the northwest of Grenada has been receiving raves of its unique Friday Night celebration. Gouyave, famous for its aquaculture, paved way to the creation of Gouyave Fish Friday, where the streets are all lined up with an array of seafood and cutlery.

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    'UK Disneyland': Paramount Theme Park To Open In 2022

    London Paramount is planning to open a world-class "UK Disneyland" entertainment resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula in North Kent in 2022. The Paramount theme park is considered to be the first of its kind in the U.K. especially when it's preparing to have over 50 rides and attractions based on the films the company has produced.

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    Inside Lava Cove And Moss, Iceland's New Luxury Hotel Built On A Lava Flow

    Iceland has a new luxury hotel that will open late this year and will be built into an 800-year-old moss-covered lava flow in Blue Lagoon. The Lava Cove and Moss Hotel constitutes of chic, minimalistic decors while integrating geothermal seawater since 1226 in the lagoon and spa.

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    National Park Service To Open Historical Atomic Bomb Sites

    The National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of Energy have collaborated in opening three historical spots where atomic bombs in the U.S. were first made.

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    Turtle That Ate Almost 1,000 Coins Died After Two Weeks From Surgery

    Om Sin, or "Piggy Bank" the sea turtle has died due to blood poisoning after swallowing nearly 1,000 coins thrown by locals and tourists. The sea turtle has undergone two surgeries since March 6 with veterinarians removing about 11 pounds of coins all in all in Om Sin's stomach.

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    Five Of The World's Best Places For Parkour

    Parkour may be a physical training that uses coordination and strength, but it's becoming ever popular to fitness enthusiasts. Hey, it's even done by people who have little experience in fitness exercises because they just simply want to do stunt actions. But, remember, parkour is different than free running and stunt actions.

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    Ancient Artifacts From Egypt And Turkey Have Been Shipped To The US

    The U.S. Census Bureau has recorded over $100 million worth of ancient artifacts were shipped to the U.S. from Egypt and Turkey in the height of the Iraqi-Afghan war. These valuable objects were exported mostly in New York City for personal consumption rather than having it exhibited in museums, art galleries, and auction houses.

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    Eco Hotel Eden Project In Cornwall Receives Go-Signal For Construction

    An eco-hotel will be built at the educational charity site, Eden Project in Cornwall after it received a go-signal for construction from the local council. The 109-room hotel will be Tate Harmer, one of the UK's leading architects for sustainability, and incorporates easy accessibility, energy-efficiency, and eco-drives.

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    More Americans Want To Go Camping, Reports Say

    Leisure camping has been found to be more popular than before among teen campers and even parents in the U.S. The 2017 North American Camping Report by the Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) shows that 48 percent of North Americans would plan to camp, even more, this year and about 50 percent of campers are taking their children along.

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